Welcome to the OpenQuake Model Building Toolkit’s documentation!

The OpenQuake Model Building Toolkit (oq-mbt) is a suite of tools for the construction of components of a Probabilistic Seismic Hazard (PSH) model. The main contributors to this suite of tools are GEM Hazard Team members. Contribution from extena users are very welcome!

oq-mbt code is hosted on github at the following link https://github.com/GEMScienceTools/oq-mbtk. It is developed in close connection with the OpenQuake engine, the open-source hazard and risk calculation engine developed primarily by the GEM Foundation.

The oq-mbt relies on several functionalities included in the Hazard Modeller’s Toolkit library (oq-hmtk). The oq-hmtk code is accessible on github at the following link https://github.com/gem/oq-engine/tree/master/openquake/hmtk, while documentation for the oq-hmtk can be downloaded at https://github.com/GEMScienceTools/hmtk_docs/blob/master/hmtk_tutorial.pdf.

Currently the oq-mbt includes five sub-modules:

  • CATalogue Toolkit (cat) contains code used for creating a homogenised catalogue;

  • Global Hazard Map (ghm) contains code used to produce homogenised hazard maps using results obtained using a collection of PSHA input models;

  • Model ANalysis (man) contains code for analysing oq-engine formattted PSHA input models;

  • Model Building tool (mbt) contains code for seismic source characterisation;

  • SUBduction modelling (sub) contains code for building subduction earthquake sources.

  • SEcondary Perils (sep) contains code for calculating secondary earthquake

perils such as liquefaction and coseismic landslides.

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